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International students dreaming of studying in Australia need to clear the stated tests by the Australian government. This will make you eligible to take up your choicest courses in Australian Universities or colleges. You need to appear for the PTE test that will prove your English eligibility. PTE is an English testing system for study abroad and immigration. Still confused, where to prepare for it? BrightX Global has a team of experienced and certified academicians that will help you achieve the desired course. Our consultants help foreign students in the following ways:

  • We help you get the desired score that will aid you in obtaining the student visa or get a professional registration.
  • Our academicians will prepare you for the online Pearson Test of English Academic that is acceptable by Australia’s Department of Home Affairs

Insight into PTE Exam

The PTE exam is taken by The Pearson Test of English Academic to check the proficiency in English of the foreign students who want to study in Australia and want to apply for a student visa. Many regulatory bodies in Australia recognise this online test. If you are finding ways to appear in this exam, then BrightX Global educational consultants will provide you with full details. Moreover, we will provide you with the details of the test centres and do the booking on your behalf too. We will help you schedule your PTE test 24-hours in advance. The great thing about this test is that the results are announced within five business days. The total fee inclusive of GST is AUD 340.


Acknowledge PTE Test Format

The foreign students who are unaware of the PTE test format they can reach out to BrightX Global consultants. We provide full PTE coaching about this English proficiency assessment test.

  • This 3-hour test includes speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Twenty different questions range from essay writing, multiple choices to interpreting information too.
  • The speaking and writing part together includes a personal introduction, read aloud, describe an image, answer the short question, essay writing, etc. Its duration is 77 to 93 minutes.
  • Reading part here consists of multiple choices, re-order the paragraphs, reading, and writing- fill in the blanks, etc. The duration ranges from 32 to 41 minutes.
  • The listening part includes summarise the spoken text, fill in the blanks, multiple choice- choose single or multiple answers, highlighting incorrect words, write from dictation, etc. Its duration ranges from 45 to 57 minutes.

How BrightX Global Proves Helpful for PTE?

BrightX Global is here to maximize the success of the international students by passing this test with excellent PTE training.

  • We provide face-to-face and online tuitions with individual attention to every student
  • Our coaching fee is quite affordable
  • BrightX Global provides you with latest test resources, material, practice tests, and guide you throughout the preparation program
  • You can reach out to our educational consultants with your questions on working days

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