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If you are planning to study in Australia, the first thing foreign students need to do is make their grasp on the English language. This constraint can be removed by obtaining a certification in the English language course. BrightX Global consultants are well-versed with the certifications and the programs and will guide you in the right way. We help the international students get enrolled in the programs according to their competency. Our team will find the right college or university for you to improve your general English skills or get work in Australia. BrightX Global is committed to assist you with getting admission into

  • Intensive English course
  • General English course
  • English courses for an academic and specific purpose

English Courses in Australia

BrightX Global provides a hands-on approach to international students to abreast themselves with speaking, listening, reading, and writing English language skills. There are many courses offered to the foreign students according to their requirements, but ELICOS or English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students is the popular one. This course is provided by secondary schools, Universities, TAFE institutes, private colleges, and specialist English language centres. ELICOS is developed to help overseas students lead a comfortable life in Australia. The international students coming to Australia on the student visa need to study ELICOS for full-time.

Other courses for foreign students involve the following:

  • General English (this can be studied part-time too)
  • English for Academic purpose
  • The English course for secondary school preparation
  • English courses for particular purposes like English for business, management degree, etc.
  • Cambridge test preparation
  • Preparation for IELTS and TOEFL
  • Study tour programs that are inclusive of extra-curricular activities

For other courses, you can be a beginner, and for few, you require advanced English language skills. BrightX Global educational counsellors help you to understand the basic requirements for each course.

Average Fee and other Proficient Courses

The average cost for the English language courses starts around AUD 300 every week. If you are opting for ELICOS, then the fee will vary according to the institute and the duration of the course. If you are opting for English course Melbourne or English course Sydney, then you can choose from some of the courses like

  • Intensive English ( offers course for six months, five months, Evening Course, Academic Year)
  • General English
  • General English Part-time Day course
  • Elementary and Advanced courses and much more

Reasons to Choose Our Services

Below are a few pointers that describe how BrightX Global proves helpful for foreign students.

  • Understanding your career objective and helping you choose the specific English language course
  • Reasonable fee and other related charges
  • Experienced and certified consultants at your discretion
  • Get a free consultation. Drop in the email or call our experts

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