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International students who want to experience the developed tertiary education system will find it privileged to have moved to Australia. The Australian education system is getting popular because it is the hub for students to study from 8 most popular universities situated in the world. It offers both mainstream and vocational courses to the foreign students. So, if you are an international student who is looking forward to quality education, then get immediate consultation and guidance from BrightX Global.  We are a team of experienced educational consultants and immigration experts based in Australia. Our focus is to provide:

  • Support and guidance to the international students right from filling the forms to filing for their student Visa
  • Advice upon the total cost of studying in Australia

Insight into the Australian Education System

The foreign students who are looking forward to receiving education in Australia need to know the following things:

  • Australia supports tertiary education that includes Diploma, Certifications, Undergraduate, and Post-Graduate degree courses
  • It has nearly 25% of the foreign students enrolled in various Higher education courses available in 43 universities. The reason being experienced instructors, excellent academic structure, and quality campus life.
  • The Australian Qualifications Framework helps the students to quickly move throughout the educational system, whether vocational or higher degrees. In Indian Education system, there are different regulatory bodies for vocational, higher, and research-based degrees.
  • The Australian Education system is research and practical learning-based involving creativity. In India, more emphasis is on theoretical education.
  • The Australian Grading system assesses its students rather than testing them. In India, the students are given tests now and then that put extreme pressure on learning capabilities.
  • The Australian Education system follows creative knowledge to impart quality education whereas a significant loophole in the Indian education system is creativity.
  • The Australian Education system recognizes the professional courses, including a Diploma or any Certifications in any field. Moreover, you can also fetch a decent job after pursuing courses in sports, art and music, management, etc. But, in India, there is hardly any scope for professional courses since Medical, CA, or Engineering degrees are always top of the job lists.

How BrightX Global Helps Overseas Students?

  • Our educational consultants will help you find the right institution according to your educational requirements and career plans
  • Get support for higher education in Australia, scholarships, and on-shore assistance
  • We will assist you with police and medical clearance, accommodation, and make travel arrangements for you.
  • Get insight into total cost for the higher education degree and time you have to spend for completion
  • Knowledge about right insurance programs and part-time jobs specially meant for foreign students

Pursue your higher studies from Australia with BrightX Global experts.

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