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Getting your student visa application sorted is the most crucial and perhaps the most overwhelming part of the process of overseas education. There is absolutely no room for mistakes or errors which is why correct guidance and assistance is essential.

The BrightX team, with its team of bright and experienced consultants, assist you with the Student Visa process for Australia. Australia is among the most preferred education destinations for students all over the globe which equates to tight, cutting-edge competition.

BrightX assists you in not only deciding which country and course is the right choice for you but also in filling out your visa application for a student visa.

Australia study via allows you to stay in Australia for the duration for your course. In some cases, the visa is granted for some extended periods of time.

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Why apply for an Australian Visa?

Among so many countries offering so many advanced and lucrative educational courses, it can be a tough decision to settle on one. Australia is one of the most popular and preferred destinations for international students.

  • Australia offers a variety of courses in varied fields covering Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Management, Travel and Tourism, Science, Hospitality, etc.
  • The government of the country offers numerous Permanent Residencyoptions for students on the completion of the course.
  • During the course, international students are allowed to work part-time and full-time during study breaks.
“The cost for a student visa application (sub class 500) comes out to be AU$575. The student visa can be renewed if the students want to study further. ”

Process of Australia Student Visa

There is a list of very basic documents that the Australian Immigration requires to consider a visa application to be complete. These include:

  • A Certificate of Enrolment from the University/College/Institution
  • Good Academic Credentials
  • Financial Proofs
  • Genuine Temporary Entrant letter
  • English Proficiency Requirement
  • Overseas Health Insurance
  • A Statement of Purpose that explains your intention of studying in that particular country and university.

Once all the mentioned documents are in place, the applicant fills the appropriate form, pays the visa application visa, and lodges the visa.

For detailed information on the Australia student visa requirement, please see Australia Student Visa—Requirements and Processing Time.

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