General Skilled Migration – GSM Visas

Australia has developed a robust migration system for its immigration policy. Australia is beckoning you wholeheartedly.

You may choose the visa applicable to your status like student , working personnel,  business man trying to do business ventures etc.

Four major Australian Visas categories are allowing you for entry and stay in Australia. They are

  • Students visa
  • Tourist visas
  • Skilled visas
  • Business visas

Australian Government has a set number of Permanent visas for migrants.  Around 190,000 permanent visas that Australia plans to issue every year, nearly 70 per cent is reserved for skilled migrants. To apply for most of the skilled permanent visas, the applicants have to pass point test outlined by immigration department.

Australia Permanent Residency

Australian PR by Skilled Visas

For skilled visa subclass, all applicants needs to file an expression of interest and needs to score at-least 65 points to qualify for subclass. Then based on their points test score, the Department of Home Affairs issues them invitation to apply for a visa.

For an international student who wishes to stay on in Australia after his or her studies, there is a wider range of temporary and permanent visa options.

Australia’s skilled and  Business visas are aimed at people who want to work or invest in Australia.

“Australian Skilled PR and Business Visas system is based on Points system. The applicants receiving points for criteria ranging from Age, English Test to Work Experience.

Applicants must score a minimum of 65 points to get invitation.”

Permanent Visa Australia

Australian PR by Business Visa

Australia welcomes people who want to start or expand new business ventures there. There is a good influx of people from all over the globe including from India.

Business visas ate issued by the Department of Home Affairs is responsible for Australian business visas. Generally, there are to categories

  • Business Innovation /expansion and
  • Investment visas

You are required to have business skills and want to set up and manage the new or existing business in Australia. You also need to be nominated by a state or territory government for this purpose you are required to submit an EOI (expression of interest) through the Department of Home

You can opt for Business Talent visas, business visa Australia, investor visa Australia or business investment visa depending on your interest and background. The business visa for Australia from India is very popular.

Key Requirements for Australian PR Visas

Skill assessment from a relevant skill assessment authority

English language proficiency

Selected skillset is in skilled occupation list provided by immigration department

Meet the required points in Point system, currently 65 points required to qualify

The applicant needs to satisfy Health and Character requirements

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